Burnt Out

by From The Sidelines

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released April 22, 2014



all rights reserved


From The Sidelines Chicago, Illinois

Burnt Out.

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Track Name: Cliffhanger
I clenched my teeth for too long
So the symmetry between us
Was buried deep beneath our feet
Now resurfacing in this song
I can't be held responsible
When you complete us as a whole
Yet I'm the one to blame
When you chose to walk away

Just bleed me out until theres nothing left
Rip my heart out of this empty chest
You took the words that I confessed
But you weren't content
Track Name: Lost Days
I never felt satisfied
With the bitterness and hopelessness in your eyes
You always would run and hide
Behind your empty truths and half-formed lies
I never did find the reason why

What was it that you were looking for?
I just can't handle anymore

I've been stuck in a haze
Of sleepless nights turning into longer days
There's nothing left to say
I don't even have a breath to be taken away
You didn't take the time to make sure I was okay

Getting older comes with growing apart
From most of the people that you held close to your heart
Turns out you weren't as close as you thought
Take this as a reminder of everything you've lost

You left me broken and bruised
The upper hand comes with who has less to lose

I've got my feet firmly planted on the ground
Stability found me after you stopped coming around
I've got my feet firmly planted on the ground
I hope it hurts to know I ended up safe and sound
Track Name: Cobwebs
So leave me stranded here with nowhere else to go
Pretend we never met
Show me how cold you've grown
I've gotten used to feeling this alone
And discovering the sides of you that are never shown

Dodge all the cracks
I'm not coming back
Just cut the ties

Don't take my own excuses
As your fucking amusement
I'm just trapped inside
In too deep in my own mind
Regretting words and wasted time
So take your progress and I'll take mine, leave me behind

How can you concentrate on me
If your conscious digs so deep?
You say the focus is on us
But that remains to be seen
Stick to saving yourself
Before you rescue someone else
And become victim of their tides
That crash what you held

I'm fragile to the fingertips
It's getting harder to keep my grip
No matter how tight I hold,
The truth it always slips
(It always slips)
No matter how tight I hold,
The truth it always slips
Track Name: Burnt Out
Farewell, if you couldn't tell you left footprints leading to the front door
If you'd cover up your tracks and just come back
That's all I'd ever hope for
I'm holding myself back at best
And it's leaving you upset
The traces of my mistakes stay and crawl into my head

A package deal of pain and pleasure
Another storm I couldn't weather

I stayed up thinking
You were right beside me dreaming
Of all of the ways
That you could slip out without saying goodbye
Now I'm leaving and you didn't bother seeing me off
Or even letting me down, I guess I'll see you around

I couldn't help but only think
That I fucked up and it's on repeat
Reflected by the lethargy and remnants of what used to be
Now it gets to me in the worst ways
Regression holds me above my own grave

What did you expect
I told you I had nothing left
I'm stuck here without feeling
Burnt out and barely breathing